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  1. Snorkel SN-115S

    Snorkel SN-115S


    The FULL DRY aspect of the SN-115 snorkel allows you to save energy and makes for a comfortable surface swim. The full dry snorkel has a float valve mechanism at the top of the snorkel that closes when the snorkel is submerged and opens when on the surface - preventing water from entering into the snorkel. This includes when you accidentally submerge the snorkel or when the snorkel goes underwater while you are free-diving or scuba diving. If some water does get into the snorkel tube, it is channeled out of the purge valve at the bottom of the tube so it does not interrupt the flow of breathing. This snorkel allows you to conserve energy and swim more efficiently - without having to forcefully blow air out the tube or raise your head to clear out the snorkel - resulting in one long uninterrupted swim! It also features an angled mouthpiece made from super soft silicone for extra comfort. Color: Red Brand: Deep Blue Learn More
  2. Oceanic Max-Depth Three Gauge Navcon SWIV Console

    Oceanic Max-Depth Three Gauge Navcon SWIV Console


    Oceanic's Max-Depth SWIV Three Gauge Navcon Console has a Submersible Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and a Compass in a Durable Impact Resistant Boot with a High Pressure Hose. The Pressure Gauge has 0 to 400 bar Readout with a Safety Reserve of 0 - 50 bar Color Coded in Red allowing the diver to know that they are low on air. The Impact-Resistant Boot has Multiple Eyelets for attachment of a clip or lanyard to keep the gauge close at hand and from dragging over the environment. The Pressure Gauge has a Shock Resistant Bourdon Tube Mechanism and is equipped with a Double Kevlar Braided High Pressure Hose with Triple Chrome Plated Marine Brass Fittings and a 7/16" Threaded End. Hose has a 360° Swivel for easy use. The Pressure Gauge is also equipped with a Temperature Gauge. Both the Pressure and Temperature Gauge Needles Tips are colored Bright Red for easy reading. 

    The Depth Gauge is equipped with Maximum Depth Indicator Needle which will Mark your Deepest Depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when Logging Dive Information providing key information for Repetitive Dives. Depth Gauge is Color Coded for easy and safe reading at a glance. Depth Gauge has a 0 to 60M Readout with Safety Red Color Coded Indicators at 0 to 18M for Safety Stops and for Depths beyond the Sport Diving Limits from 30 to 60 the background is Color Coded in Red. 

    The Air-Filled Diaphragm Design of the Oceanic Max-Depth Gauge allows an Expanded Shallow Scale for better Readability at sport diving depths. Both the Pressure and Depth Gauges have Oceanic's OceanGlo Luminous Displays that Absorbs Light Seven Times faster and longer than other Glow-in-the-Dark Materials, to enhance the Readability of the Max-Depth Gauge's. 

    Many divers take compasses for granted, considering them just an accessory to an overall dive gauge console system. Trying to navigate with a poorly designed or improperly functioning compass can be one of diving's more frustrating events. The design team at Oceanic may have designed the best Liquid Filled Compass available today with a list of features as functional and convenient as every instrument that bears the Oceanic name. 

    The SideScan is actually a dual purpose compass. The convenient Side Scan Window allows Quick Reference of Large, Easy-to-Read Bearing Indicators on a Luminescent Display for Gun-Sight Accuracy. Or, for divers who prefer Relative Navigation, the Ratchet Bezel can be rotated easily even with thick neoprene gloves. The Bezel Numbers on top of the SideScan Compass are actually molded completely through the bezel ring and literally cannot be rubbed off unlike silk screened graphics. 

    The OceanGlo Luminous Dial of the Sidescan is designed with a Half Black / Half Luminous Graphic to make quick work of compass direction, especially in dim light. The dial rests on a Precision Jeweled Bearing and incorporates extremely Strong Magnets for super quick response and accuracy. While the SideScan module itself is very compact, the housing has a large vertical interior allowing viewing angles that would stop other compasses in their tracks. The Compass Bezel has compass headings in 30 degrees numbered increments and indicator marks for every 10 degrees. Bezel has twin heading indicators for alignment of compass course, and a lubber line across the compass face. The SWIV Three Gauge Console comes with an Owner's Manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

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  3. Cressi TraveLight BCD

    Cressi TraveLight BCD


    The Cressi Travelight is a lightweight version of a traditional BCD with all round lift to provide good balance and trim under the water and support whilst on the surface. The overall weight of the Travelight has been reduced by carefully selection of strong but light materials to allow the BCD to be packed down into a very small carry bag that is ideal for travelling.
    The BCD bladder uses a durable 210 denier nylon to provide the necessary strength without adversely affecting the weight and light alloys have been used to make the D-rings in place of traditional stainless steel. This weight and bulk reduction does mean that the Travelight is able to support a full integrated weight system and trim pockets on the rear to make travel diving even more convenient.
    The Travelight is also fitted with more traditional features such as a rear kidney and right shoulder pull dumps, a inflator integrated pull dump on the left shoulder and manual deflation from the inflator assembly. A large zipped pocket can be found on either side of the BCD for convenient storage or accessories.
    The harness system uses traditional quick release and adjustable straps on the shoulders, chest and waist for precise adjustment and fit. A Velcro waist band provisdes extra security and comfort. A flexible padded backplate with twim cylinder straps provides good back protection and cylinder security whilst still allowing the BCD to be quickly folded and packed away.

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  4. Oceanic Islander BCD

    Oceanic Islander BCD


    Oceanic's Islander BCD is out to make your diving experiences as comfortable as possible. The weight-integrated Islander offers great range of motion, comfort, and style. The large Velcro pockets, weight-integration system, sturdy construction (denier nylon), and rear-inflation system keep this BC flying off of our shelves. 

    With the Islander, Oceanic has given you the freedom to organize your gear in the fashion that suits you. The Islander has been outfitted with 16 attachment loops instead of the standard D-ring attachment points. If you want your console a little closer to your shoulder, put it there! If you want it a little further down on your BC, you can put it there, too. 

    The Islander's streamline design means you'll move through the water with little effort. It also means you're less likely to accidentally disrupt the sea life and environment because your gear will be close to you instead of bumping into the reef, fish, sea floor, etc. The Islander offers a retractable attachment point, so you can keep your gear close whenever it is not needed. This feature is ideal for your light, console, or camera. 

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  5. Oceanic Excursion

    Oceanic Excursion


    Oceanic's Excursion BCD is geared for adventure. You glide through the water like a manta ray, air bladder tucked neatly behind you.Up front, there's nothing but contoured harness straps and a couple of integrated weight pockets. You're uncluttered, unencumbered and looking good. Built tough for use in both recreational and technical diving, the Excursion is extremely comfortable and stabile ,the ultimate BC for the serious adventurer. 

    BCD is equipped with the Patented BioFlex_ rear inflation bladder provides maximum lift and minimum drag when deflated has reinforced contoured shoulders, padded back pack with lumbar support and a sternum strap ensuring comfort and stability when being carried. The Excursion has QLR Integrated Weight System which accommodates up to 20 lbs. plus dual 5 lbs. rear weight pouches for improved in-water positioning. Exterior abrasion points of the Excursion are covered in our new "Fadeless" 1000-denier Cordura tough stuff that will hold up to years of extreme diving and keep that "new look" longer. Packed with features the Excursion BCD is the serious diver's.

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  6. Dive Flag

    Dive Flag

    Legal requirement by law to display the dive flag when diving.


    We also have other size flags available - contact us for different size options.

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  7. Starter Package

    Starter Package


    Everything you needed from just Paua diving to even scuba diving.

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  8. TUSA Snorkel The SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry

    TUSA Snorkel The SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry


    Comfort Swivel
    The Comfort Swivel offers a more comfortable fit since it creates no load on the mouthpiece, straightens out during diving and doesn't get in the way. The swivel adapter makes it possible to slip the mask strap into the slit with no hassles. The two-part construction allows the snorkel to rotate and can be attached in a horizontal position.

    High Flow Purge
    The High Flow Purge design used on TUSA snorkels offers a covered large diameter purge valve for simple, quick clearing, reducing the amount of water remaining in the mouthpiece in an instant.

    Hyperdry System
    The Hyperdry System keeps the main pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe. This unique design utilizes the angle of the snorkel pipe and the resilience of the water surface to eject water.
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  9. MARES CARBON 52X Regulator

    MARES CARBON 52X Regulator


    Mares Carbon 52X

    The DFC system ensures superior performance at any depth even when two divers are breathing simultaneously off the first stage. The Natural Convection Channel (NCC) system increases the performance in cold water by enhancing heat exchange. The superior thermal conductivity of carbon reduces the dry mouth feeling at the end of the dive by retaining moisture from the exhaled breath. Carbon 52 is perfect for any type of diving. Ideal placement of hoses combined with an extremely soft and light Superflex hose makes it the lightest second stage on the market.

    1st Stage
    - Double DFC port
    - Pre-oriented ports
    - INT – DIN connection
    - ACT valve
    - NCC technology

    2nd Stage
    - VAD system
    - Extremely lightweight
    - Carbon technology
    - Superflex hose
    - Superior thermal conductivity

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  10. Dive Gear Long Bag- Free Diving

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