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  1. Fins F75

    Fins F75


    * P{rofessional SCUBA Fins * New style design * Heavy duty plastic for extra lifetime * Super flexible for more kicking power * Extra wide and long for high performance * New technology proved curve for superior speed * Durable foot pocket for extra comfort * Easy adjustable straps and quick release buckle ****** These are not kids fins Learn More
  2. Fins F31

    Fins F31


    Half way between a split fin and a regular fin, the F31 has soft, flexible webbing running down the middle. Excellent for scuba or free diving, they have a fluid, easy movement and maneuverability. Features easily adjustable straps and quick release buckles. Sizes available: S/M and L/XL Learn More
  3. Short Barefoot Fins - F70

    Short Barefoot Fins - F70


    These fins are a best-seller with people heading off on a tropical holiday. The compact and lightweight design means that they can not only easily fit into your luggage, they also make it super easy to maneuver underwater. Maneuverability is important when snorkelling - short fins make it easier to get out of tight spots or back up. NB. These are not kids' fins. Learn More
  4. Fin Spring Strap (Pair)

    Fin Spring Strap (Pair)


    The DEEP BLUE Fin Spring Strap makes kitting up so much easier as you don't have to fiddle with ratchet straps or buckles, you simply have to pull the spring strap over your heel and it does the rest. The spring heel strap will automatically adjust the tension as your wet or drysuit compresses at depth. The large D loop can be grabbed by one finger and pulled into place with one hand. Learn More



    Atomic SplitFins have a flexible blade designed with Propeller-Fin™ technology to "feel" very easy and slice through the water with very little drag. Learn More
  6. Yellow/Black Dual-Composite Fins

    Yellow/Black Dual-Composite Fins


    These fins are extra flexible yet sturdy with the dual-composite fin rails allowing for better snap and thrust and flexible webbing running down the middle, allowing for easier movement through the water.

    The dual composite, curved and flexible design provides a powerful and efficient kick with less effort. The extra width covers more surface area to further enhance performance.

    With adjustable straps, these fins are designed to be worn with neoprene socks or boots.

    The comfortable foot pocket fits a wide range of sizes.

    Size: S/M (US 4.5 - US 8.5)
    L/XL (US 9 - US 14)

    Learn More
  7. Rubber Fin Strap

    Rubber Fin Strap


    Heavy duty rubber construction, these fins straps are designed to be adjustable.  The perfect solution to lost or damaged fin straps.

    Learn More

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