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  1. Oceanic “Veo 100″ Wrist Dive Computer

    Oceanic “Veo 100″ Wrist Dive Computer


    The Veo 100 is an economical and easy to use computer with state of the art features. Pressing just one button easily accesses all of its functions. Here it comes in a console with a Pressure Gauge. 
    The gauge tracks tank pressures up to 5,000 psi and has a thermometer at the base of its luminescent face.
    The Swiv Console allows custom positioning of your instruments with an allen key. 

    The Veo offers large, easy to read alphanumeric displays and color coded graphs where green means "go", yellow means "caution" and red means "stop." The computer can be turned on before your dive, but if you forget to do this, it turns itself on underwater. The batteries have a lifetime of 300 hours and are user replaceable at any time without the loss of data.

    User settable:

  2. Time of day in either 12 or 24 hour format
  3. Metric or Imperial measurements
  4. Dive mode display (three choices)
  5. Displays:

  6. Current depth
  7. Max depth
  8. No decompression time remaining
  9. Nitrogen loading
  10. Variable ascent rate 
  11. Low battery
  12. Time of day
  13. Flashing safety stop icon and 3 minute timer
  14. Time to fly
  15. Nitrogen offgasing countdown
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  • Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer

    Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist Computer


    Quality, Function and Style. 
    The GEO 2.0 has an upgraded look with a stainless steel accent ring and new color combination and now includes Dual Algorithm, Deep Stop option and a redesigned user interface with "Step Back" which allows forward and backward navigation through menus and settings. Additionally, a second Nitrox mix (both programmable to 100%) is available, as well as Firmware Auto-Update which allows the user to download and install operational improvements or even future new features through the PC Interface (with optional cable). 

    A unique combination of quality, function and style, the GEO 2.0 PDC is perfect on its own or as a backup to any dive computer. With Dual Algorithm and optional conservative factor settings, the GEO 2.0 may be programmed to provide no-deco and deco profiles similar to virtually every computer on the market.

  • Powered by Oceanic's exclusive Dual Algorithm
  • 2 Nitrox Mixes to 100%
  • Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • Intuitive User Interface with "Step Back"
  • Audible Alarms with User Acknowledgment
  • Gauge Mode with Run-Timer
  • History mode and 24 dive on-unit log book
  • "Last Dive" Display max depth and dive time
  • Diver-Replaceable Battery with Data Retention
  • User Upgradeable Firmware
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  • Oceanic OCS Wrist Dive Computer

    Oceanic OCS Wrist Dive Computer


    An advanced wrist watch dive computer featuring Oceanic's exclusive dual algorithm, digital compass, and intuitive menus and settings. Additionally, the OCS may be programmed for up to three Nitrox mixes and features firmware auto-update to install operational improvements or even new features through the optional PC interface kit. Computer is available in 5 colors and comes with a digital online class and a 24 month limited warranty.

  • Advanced Wrist Watch Dive Computer
  • Algorithm: Pelagic DSAT, Pelagic Z+ (Buhlmann ZHL-16C)
  • Digital Compass
  • Intuitive Menus and Settings
  • Programmable Up to 3 Nitrox Mixes
  • Firmware Auto-Update
  • Install Operational Improvements
  • Optional PC Interface Kit
  • Free Online Digital Class
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
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  • Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer

    Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer


    The Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer is an Elegant Expression of a Simple and Functional Design, the Leonardo is a Must-Have for Divers entering the sport and those who just want to dive." A Single Button Interface makes it Effortless to Program Air, Nitrox and Gauge Modes. Leonardo has a Large Edge-to-Edge, High-Definition LCD Screen that gives Large Numerical Displays in a Computer that is still compact and Travel-Friendly. The Leonardo's Easy-to-See Battery Life Icon Indicator and its Distinct Audible Alarms Deliver Critical Information as well as Peace-of-Mind during the Dive. 

    The Leonardo features a new Cressi RGBM Algorithm, created in conjunction with the expertise of Bruce Wienke and based on the Haldane model, integrated with RGBM factors. This Algorithm allows for Safe Decompression Calculations for Multiple Dives spread out over Multiple Days. The Leonardo computer by Cressi is a Multifunctional Instrument for Sport Diving. It will supply any wanted information on Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status, Ascent Rate and Surface Interval Times between dives. Nitrogen Absorption and Release is Continuously Processed by its Sophisticated Software, taking into account the Quantity of Inert Gases in the different Mixtures which can be used. Such information is Displayed on the Instrument's Large Display, thanks to the PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) System, allowing an Easy and Direct Dialogue" between the Diver and the Computer, ensuring a clear understanding of all the Data needed at any given time and a perfect readability in any situation. The computer is provided with Clock and Calendar, a versatile Dive Memory (logbook), as well as a Dive Simulator. The Mathematical Model of Leonardo can make Saturation and De-Saturation Computations of dives carried out both with air and with Nitrox, whose parameters can all be set: from the maximum allowed PO2 value between 17.4 and 23.2 psi (1.2 bar and 1.6 bar), to the mixture's oxygen percentage (FO2) between 21% and 50% of O2. Additionally, the Instrument may be set by the user for either Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters) System. The Leonardo can also be fully re-set after each use, making it an excellent choice for rental departments. 

    The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer has an Operational Depth from 0' to 393' (0 to 120 meters), is Powered by a User Replaceable CR2430 3-Volt Battery, and is equipped with a 60 Dive (70 hour) Logbook Memory function. The Clock Function can be set in a 12/24 Hour Formats. The Computer is also Altitude Adjustable up to 12,139' (3,700 meters) and has a Back Light Feature for Low Light Conditions. The Computer comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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  • Cressi Edy II Wrist Computer

    Cressi Edy II Wrist Computer


    The Edy II combines complete programmes for three different types of dives in one single instrument:  1- scuba diving (air or Nitrox) 2- technical diving (depth gauge and timer to a depth of 200 metres) 3- free diving.
    Edy II is also an attractive, compact digital wristwatch. It has dual time zones, an alarm function and the display is back lit so that figures can be read even in poor lighting conditions.

    1 – The SCUBA DIVING COMPUTER mode allows you to choose between the use of air or a Nitrox mix with up to 50% oxygen, with partial pressure of this gas of between 1.0 and 1.6 bar that can be chosen by the user.
    Three different safety levels can be set (Safety Factor), a maximum depth alarm that can be inserted if and when required, graphic display of nitrogen saturation and CNS oxygen toxicity, graphic indicator of ascent speed, thermometer and a wide range of audio and visual alarms. A particularly high performance logbookmemorises a large amount of data from the last 30 hours of dives or of the last 60 dives, which can be scrolled through, one by one, at intervals of 30 seconds, thanks to the integrated Profile function which does not require any accessory interface.
    A handy History function memorises maximum depth, hours spent in the water and total number of dives performed. 

    2 – In GAUGE mode Edy II is a valuable instrument for those who wish to programme the dive using decompression software and perform dives in accordance with tables, as required in technical dives.  The functions indicated provide the instant and maximum depth, the dive time (including seconds!), indication of ascent speed, a thermometer, a traditional watch and a handy chronometer (hours, minutes and seconds) to accurately calculate ascent and decompression stops. A depth alarm can also be enabled if and when required. The GAUGE mode also has its own logbook which even calculates the average depth of the dive and records the temperature at the maximum depth reached, it also has a Profile function to review the dive at intervals of 30 seconds and an independent History function to record only those dives performed in GAUGE mode. 

    3- In FREE DIVE (FREE) mode all the needs of the free diver have been taken into consideration. Therefore indications of current and maximum depth are provided as well as dive time (minutes and seconds), ascent speed and a depth and/or time alarm can be enabled. On the surface the interval between one dive and the next is indicated (minutes and seconds) and there is also a thermometer.
    This mode also has its own independent Logbook that is able to memorise up to 60 dives, filled with data, each of which can be reviewed with the integrated Profile function at intervals of just one second. 
    The History section memorises the total number of dives on the day, indicating the deepest dive and its duration. This daily memory can be reset at any time.

    The battery of the Edy II will require factory servicing after approximately two years (50 dives per year) of usage. 

    An accessory interface is available to download all the data recorded and transfer them to a PC, thus allowing the user to access many more functions

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  • Tusa DC Sapience II Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-850)

    Tusa DC Sapience II Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-850)


    The IQ-850 DC Sapience II builds on the full-featured IQ-800 and adds even more enhancements including a dot-matrix display. The DC Sapience series is the world's first dive computers offering a vibration warning function, an exclusive from TUSA.

    Have you ever heard a warning sound while diving, but couldn't work out where it came from? Have you ever been distracted by the alarms of other divers going off all around you?

    The IQ-850 DC Sapience II dive computer eliminates these problems with it's vibration warning function. It is similar to the vibration function on a cellular phone. By vibrating, the computer gives accurate and unmistakable warning information to the user. Of course, the traditional audible alarm can also be selected.

    The DC Sapience II is the perfect instrument for the smart diver. It is enhanced by the ultra-thin body and a large, highly legible display with dot-matrix panel reporting 12 tissue compartment loading and messages ensuring the utmost safety. Regardless of diving experience or age, this is the ultimate user-friendly dive computer.


  • Advanced ultra-thin wrist computer
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Time Operating Modes.
  • Dot matrix tissue compartment/message display window.
  • 2 Mix Switching Feature: Mix 1 (Air, 21-99%), Mix 2 (21-99%).
  • Large alphanumeric and backlit display.
  • Vibration, Audible and Flashing Alarms.
  • 25 dive/hour Log memory.
  • Manual or Water-Activation.
  • Advanced user safety settings and alarms.
  • Automatic altitude adjustment to 19,680'/6000m.
  • No fly icon, residual nitrogen discharge display.
  • PC downloadable with TUSA DiveLogbook software*.
  • Variable Ascent Rate Indicator.
  • User-replaceable battery with hot-swap (Battery: CR2032).
  • TUSA Algorithm based on 12 compartment Swiss-Bohrer model. 

    *USB PC interface unit IQ-800PC is necessary, sold separately.

  • Additional Features:

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  • Tusa Element Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-650)

    Tusa Element Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-650)


    The new IQ-650 Element from Tusa is a full function. single button wrist dive computer with an exceptionally reasonable price. It features a deep stop function for safety and is activated when a diver exceeds 80ft for more than 1 second. When ascended past 50ft the computer will display a Deep Safety Stop screen and the recommended safety stop at 40ft for a period of 2 minutes. This feature is highly recommended, but not mandatory and will not adversely affect the remaining No-Decompression Limits of the dive if it is not served. The TUSA Element Wrist dive Computer is a Single button puck-style that offers user-replaceable battery with hot-swap! And offers Nitrox operating modes up to 50%.
    General features:

  • Single-Button Operation One-Button on top of module.
  • Air and Nitrox (21-50%) Operating Modes.
  • Manual or Automatic Water Activation.
  • Modified Haldanean 12 compartment algorithm.
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment.
  • User Selectable Scale, Imperial/Metric.
  • User Selectable 12/24 Time Format with Date.
  • 8-10 Second Battery Hot Swap.
  • User Changeable Battery 560 mAh vs. 220 mAh.
  • 330 Operating Depth.
  • Dive Log 12 Dives.
  • Deep Stop Feature:

  • Activated when depth becomes greater than 80ft (24m) for more than 1 second.
  • Deep Stop screen appears upon ascent(s) to 50ft (15m).
  • Stop Time displayed as min:sec, counting down from 02:00 to 0:00.
  • Stop Depth/Time fixed at 40ft (12m) for 2 minutes.
  • Deep Stop feature is disabled upon entry into Decompression Mode.
  • The Deep Stop feature is recommended for additional safety, but is not mandatory.
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